WEBCON BPS latest version

The WEBCON team works tirelessly to improve the WEBCON BPS platform.

We constantly strive to fix any errors and make sure that our system always functions as intended.

Twice a year, we publish a so-called ‘big’ version which introduces a multitude of new features. Additionally, updated builds are released at least once a month, they aim to resolve any existing issues and implement small changes. These small changes can be tracked via our changelog (available at the bottom of this page), which compiles a list of all modifications made to a ‘big’ version over its lifecycle.

Our latest ‘big’ version is 2017.1 [Whitepaper]


Current build: 2017.1.3.396

Version 2017.1.3.396 is available for download from the support page after logging in: https://support.webcon.com/ver/WEBCON_BPS_2017.zip

A compiled list of updates introduced in version 2017.1.3.396

WEBCON BPS Update 2017.1.3.396 can be downloaded below.

Before upgrading to BPS 2017 from versions 2016 or older, please see the relevant [BPS 2017 migration document] for tips on how to update your BPS system to version 2017.


Updates to WEBCON BPS 2017.1

PDF icon WEBCON BPS 2017.1.3.396 – Changelog



Older versions


(Latest build: 2016.1.3.583)



Changelog (full history of changes up to latest build)


(Latest build:


Changelog (full history of changes up to latest build)