2019 Mobile – Remote profile configuration

Applies to version 2019.1.x; Author: Przemysław Sierant

WEBCON BPS 2019 introduces a new version of the mobile application. One of the changes made is the process of creation of the user profile. It is still possible for the system administrator to prepare a BPSX file in order to send it to a specific user as it was done so far. Specific configuration can be found here: http://howto.webcon.com/remote-configuration-of-the-mobile-application-profile/. This article concentrates on differences between them and on a new structure of BPSX file required for correct profile creation.

To create a profile in the new version of the mobile application you only need name and server address on which BPS Portal is located.



In the previous version, it was also required to provide „domain”, „user” and „password”. Log-in process is configured on BPS Portal and only after launching the provided address, it will transfer you to the log-in panel. Further changes include deletion of “save password” and “external authentication” parameters – from now on both settings are “true” by default.

BPSX file structure

As previously BPSX is an XML format file and allows to define all necessary profile parameters.


Parameter name                                                              Comments

Profile name. If a profile with an identical name already exists on a mobile device, when opening a .BPSX file, the user will be asked to either:
  • Update already existing profile with new settings
  • Leave the existing profile without changes
Server address where BPS Portal is located
Language Profile language

Available options:

  • pl-PL
  • en-US
  • es-ES
  • de-DE
UsePush Defines if the application should use PUSH notifications.

Available options:

  • true – use PUSH notifications
  • false – do not use PUSH notifications


Below you can see an example of BPSX file content. It contains definition of DEMONSTRATION2019 profile.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″ standalone=”yes”?>







Launching the file on mobile devices remaines unchanged and is analogous to previous versions.

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