Local installation of the WEBCON BPS Designer Studio

Applies to version 2016.1.x and higher; Author: Jakub Okrzesik

Local installation of the WEBCON BPS Designer Studio

WEBCON BPS Designer Studio is usually installed on the SharePoint server. However, this requires the user to connect to the application server with a remote desktop first. Alternatively, it is possible to install WEBCON BPS Designer Studio locally on a user’s computer. Doing so allows for much easier access to the tool.

In order to use a locally installed copy of WEBCON BPS Designer Studio, the user has to have following perquisites on his local machine:

  • access to process sites, as well as admin privileges to the specific site collection (otherwise Designer Studio will start in Lite mode allowing only to edit processes of which this user is the administrator),
  • access to the SQL server (TCP 1433 port by default),
  • if the integrated log-in option is chosen (in the database connection settings on the site), then the user has to have the db_owner privileges to the following databases: configuration (BPS Config), process (BPS Content), attachment, and archive.

Installation of Designer Studio is very simple:

  1. Download the directory with WEBCON BPS installer (make sure that the version is correct i.e. identical to the version used elsewhere in the organization),
  2. Launch setup.exe file
  3. After accepting the license, choose Advanced installation of WEBCON Business Process Suite

  4. The next window shows components that are available to install. It is important to select “Skip” for WEBCON BPS WorkFlow Service and “Installation” for WEBCON BPS Designer Studio only

  5. When first launching WEBCON BPS Designer Studio, a window will appear where you will need to provide the site connection parameters (you need to designate the site on which connection parameters to the specific BPS process are configured)

NOTE: When updating the WEBCON BPS system, remember to also update all existing local installations of WEBCON BPS Designer Studio.

One thought to “Local installation of the WEBCON BPS Designer Studio”

  1. I have installed WebCon Design Studio locally in my computer. Under [System Settings][Services Configuration][Local service status], I encountered the error “The operation failed. Start the WEBCON Designer Studio in Administrator Mode”.

    Can I know how can I start WebCon Designer Studio in Administrator Mode?

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