Action buttons on Item lists


applies to version: 8.2.x; author: Marcin Wiktor

The field matrix lets you to change the visibility and possibility of editing different columns on an Item list type Form field. In addition, BPS also allows you to tweak the settings of various action buttons associated with Item lists, like the one used for adding/removing rows.

1. Basic action buttons

Action button settings are exclusive to specific steps. Action buttons on Item lists must be configured separately for each step of the Workflow, there is no way to edit these setting globally.

To do this, go to the Step edit menu, select the “Forms” tab, and in the “Item list” section of the screen click the advanced options button (Marked as 2 on the screenshot).

It is worthwhile to mention that changing these setting for specific steps doesn’t break up the inheritance of global settings for the form.


The „Item list” Section is located at the bottom of the menu, there we can define which action buttons are visible for the step we are currently editing.


By default, the actions visible for each Item list are:

  • (1) Allow add – button for adding new rows,
  • (2) Allow delete – button for deleting existing rows,
  • (3) Allow clone – button allowing you to duplicate rows,
  • (4) Display actions column – This is the last visible column on the Item list, inside which the „delete” and „clone” buttons are located. If you disable this column, the options to delete and clone rows will be automatically lost. The downside of this however, is the fact that you won’t be able to delete/clone rows even in administrator mode.
  • (5) Display ordinal column – The first visible column, displays the ID number.


The additional action buttons we can add are:

  • (1) Show reload button – All existing rows are deleted, the Item list is initialized according to its configured settings.
  • This functionality can also be evoked by the JavaScript function JS SubelemntInitialization(ListID),
  • (2) Show button „Delete all – Deletes all rows from an Item list, without initialization. This functionality can also be evoked by the JavaScript function JS SubelementDelete(ListID),
  • (3) Allow Excel export– Described in detail in the Importing and exporting data from an Item list” article,
  • (4) Allow Excel import – Described in detail in the Importing and exporting data from an Item list” article.



2. Item list edition mode

One other aspect of Item lists you can change is the way rows are edited. In contrast to the other options mentioned above, these changes affect the entire Workflow, not just specific steps.

When an Item list is created and rows are added, they are all available for editing simultaneously by default. BPS offers the option to limit editing to only one row at a time.


To turn on single row editing, go to Item list configuration, select the “General” tab, then tick the “Single row editing” checkbox.


You can give users the option to edit all rows simultaneously, regardless of the “single row editing” option. This is done by adding an extra “Edit All” button by selecting the “Allow all rows editing” checkbox.


Furthermore, you can then limit the “Edit All” mode by using the “Maximum number of rows in edit mode” field. If the number of rows exceeds the given number, the “Edit all” button will disappear, and the user must revert to editing rows one at a time.


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