Action initiation queue


applies to version: 8.2.x; author: Tomasz Mierzwa

To have full control over a Workflow, a designer must understand how and when different Actions are carried out.

When performing a Step in BPS, Actions are implemented in the following sequence:

  1. On exit Actions from the previous Step – which are not dependent on the Path that was taken, so they are executed first
  2. On path Actions from the previous Step – which are tied to a certain Path.
  3. On entry Actions from the current Step.


Depending on the configuration, some Actions are moved to the “pending” queue.

These Actions are:

  1. Add privilege
  2. Remove privilege
  3. Send a standard email
  4. Send a custom email

These Actions rely on other ones being completed (ex. if tasks have been generated), so they must be initiated at the very end.

Apart from transactions, Actions that go to the „Pending” queue (depending on configuration):

  1. Create/delete a user from a Sharepoint group
  2. Read a barcode
  3. Add a barcode
  4. Create a Sharepoint group
  5. Create a Sharepoint site
  6. Send a custom email
  7. Add Sharepoint privilege
  8. Run an SDK action

Keep in mind that Actions are executed when all tasks are complete. If you commission a “Task creation” and set the “Parallelism” to “Completion – All”…


And at the same time, in the “Parameters” tab, set “Operations executed on parallel tasks” to “Wait for required task to be completed” …


Such a configuration will cause Actions to be carried out only after all assigned users complete their respective tasks.

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