Adding attachments from the system clipboard on the Modern form

Applies to version: 2020.1.x; author: Michał Kastelik


With the introduction of the Modern form and the WEBCON BPS Platform we have the possibility to add many attachments faster and more intuitively. To add attachments just select them with the mouse and drag them to the Attachments section – no need to install any plugins .

This functionality works with with the most currently available web browsers on all operating systems. We can transfer any number of attachments in this way.

We also have the ability to copy image files (e.g. screenshots) by using the system clipboard. This functionality can be used in workflows where the user is required to attach some sort of screenshot (e.g. in support processes).

How do you add any image to the workflow instance?

After copying the image to the system clipboard (e.g. by using the Print Screen key) just click on the attachments area and paste it by using the “Paste” option (CTRL + V or CMD + V).

This functionality is also available in the WEBCON BPS add-in for MS Teams and Outlook Light.

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