Adding attachments from the scanner

applies to version: 8.2.x, author: Paweł Snoch

WEBCON BPS supports various ways of adding attachments. One of the available options is adding scans of paper documents.

Attachments menu configuration:

In order to implement a button for adding attachments, select the desired workflow to open up its configuration screen. From here, there are two ways to go about this: either modify the global form template, or modify the form only for an individual step of the workflow.

  1. Global configuration is achieved by clicking the Global form template Go to the left-most panel named Visibility and behavior, expand the Attachment menu and check the 2nd option: Document scan.


  1. To only change setting of a single step, go to its configuration, then navigate to the Forms tab. First you will need to mark Break settings inheritance at the top of the Visibility and behavior panel. Next, analogously to the 1st method, mark Document scan in the Attachment menu section.



Installing mandatory browser components:

Once the attachment panel is prepared, go to the configured workflow element and attempt to add an attachment from the scanner:



NOTE: If the attachment was added successfully, you can skip the rest of this article.

If not, you will be taken to a new page. Check the list of browser plug-in, it is necessary to have WEBCON Scanner Plug installed.



If the plug-in is present, move on to the next step. If it is missing, click the installation link like in the picture below, then follow the instructions to install and activate the plug-in




Once WEBCON Scanner Plug-in is installed and activated, go to the internet browser settings and navigate to the security tab. In the advanced settings window, select the appropriate zone and toggle the settings for ActiveX and the Plug-in. In the Internet Explorer browser the settings look like this:



Trying it out:

In order to test the newly introduced fucntionality, go to the workflow element to which the attachment will be added, and clicking the “Scan document button” on the right hand side of the Attachemnts menu. This will bring up a number of scanning options:


If Auto Filename is chcecked, the attachment’s name will be generated randomly. A custom name may be entered, however, it is not unfortunately possible to set a category for the attachemnt.

Other options include:

  • File format
  • Resolution
  • Color
  • Multipage options
  • Dupex scan (both sides)
  • BadCopy (increases sharpness)
  • Preview (in this view you can request a re-scan or accapr the scan)

Adding a scanned document as an attachemnt is still a manual process, however it simplifies the process of digitalizing paper documents.


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