Adding start buttons

Applies to version 2019.1; author: Krzysztof Gaszczyk 


WEBCON BPS 2019 allows to configure process start buttons directly in WEBCON Designer Studio. The button can be used both on SharePoint site and on BPS Portal. The beauty of it is that it can automatically transfer solutions to other environments by using import-export feature. Configuration will be presented on an application designed to calculate advanced payments.



To add a start button go to application configuration then in “Presentation” tab choose “Starts”.

First provide name for the button and then go to “Configuration” tab.

Then in “Configuration” tab you can personalize the button. It can be named, described, the background color can be set as well as a three-character-long shortcut that will be displayed on the button.


User can also choose business entity, process, form type and workflow for which the button will start a new form.

It is also possible to provide URL parameters and default values for form fields used in a specified workflow. Default values can be set for all form fields available to edit. Transferring values to form fields via URL parameter allows to easily start workflows with already chosen options.

It is also possible to limit button visibility by choosing this option in “Visibility” field. Only AD users can be provided here.

Final effect

After creating such a button it will appear automatically on WEBCON BPS Portal main application window. Only administrators can start each process within the application by using the universal start button.


WEBCON BPS 2019 allows to easily and quickly add start buttons. User creating process or a workflow can quickly create many buttons which helps with work efficiency. Those buttons can be imported/exported together with the process which enhances creating the site even more.

It is also possible to add this button in the Dashboard view which is described in the following article.

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