Amount limits of form fields of different types – BPS 8.0 and 8.1


applies to version 8.0 and 8.1

Amount limits of form fields of different types (limit per one process)

Field type Amount limit
Single line of text – global 10
Choice field – global 10
Date and time – global 5
Single line of text 50
Multiple lines of text 25
Integer number 30 in total
Survey field – rating scale
Floating-point number 50
Choice field 40 in total
Survey field – choice list
Date and time 20
Yes / No choice 20
Person or group 15
SQL Row No limit
SQL Grid No limit
Google Map 3
Gant chart 2
Vacation chart 1
Vacation summary 1
Separator No limit
Custom control (SDK) No limit
Items list No limit

Amount limits of columns (of items lists) of different types (limit per one items list)

Column type Amount limit
Multiple lines of text 5
Floating-point number 10 in total
Calculated floating-point value
Single line of text 30 in total(e. g. 13 single lines of text,
12 choice fields, 5 Yes /No)
Choice field
Choice field (picker)
Choice field (tree)
Yes / No choice
Date and time
Calculated text value
SQL Row 5


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