BPS Dashboard Web Part

Applies to vresion 8.3.x (Available towards the end of 2015); Author: Grzegorz Straś

The Dashboard is a compact administration tool which allows power-users to quickly gauge the overall health of the service.

dashboardnewBPS Dashboard


The administrator can easily fit this lightweight Web Part somewhere on their site, granting them insight into useful information (Like queue status) without having to go to the Reports tab of Designer Studio.

The BPS Dashboard is made up of 3 sections: Service status, Queue status and License status. By default, all 3 are visible, but they can be toggled on/off at will in the Web Part configuration screen.

Web Part configuration


Service status – Displays which services are “active” and “inactive”. The status “not responding” is displayed for 2 minutes after a service is turned off, and also during maintenance hours.

Queue status – Displays the status of the attachment processing queue (OCR), E-mail sending and Timeouts.

License status – Rundown of licenses owned and licenses currently in use.


The fourth configuration option, which is toggled off by default, is used to make this Web Part visible on mobile devices. On the mobile app, the Dashboard segments are stacked on top of each other, like so:

BPS Dahsboard on WEBCON BPS 2015 mobile app

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