BPS Site Filter – filtering BPS Site


applies to version 8.0.0.x

Webpart BPS Site Filter allows to filter content of every webpart connected with WEBCON BPS processes on given site.


It allows to reduce data displayed by BPS webparts using just one setting, for example to data created in given time by given user.

To filter site, user has to enter values according to which Site Filter webpart will perform its operations.

After filtering conditions are defined, click “Filter”. All elements displayed in webparts are narrowed to given criteria. Wherein in case of filtering with couple filter form fields, only elements complying with all filtering rules will be displayed.

It is possible to omit filtering of chosen webparts by choosing option available in their configuration:


Save changes:

  • Site Filter settings will be saved in webpart configuration in SharePoint
  • Filtering on site takes place only by saving and reading filter from URL


Example of URL with chosen filtering attribute:


To remove filtering:

  • Click “Clear” button in Site Filter webpart
  • Remove values from “Filter” parameter in site address

Basic configuration



Available options:



  1. Save – checks if settings are correct and saves configuration
  2. Save and return – saves configuration and returns to the website
  3. Return – returns to website without saving any changes
  4. Filtered process – allows to choose all existing processes or specific one for which filtering will apply. Such choice will have its influence on list of available fields displayed in “Filtered fields”.
  5. Filtered fields – displays list of fields for which filtering may be defined


Content of available fields depends on “Filtered process” choice in following way:

  • In case of choosing “All”, only system and global fields will appear on list of available fields.




After performing operation, all webparts will be filtered, regardless of their configuration concerning display of elements from selected process.

  • If specific process was chosen, filtering will be available concerning system and global fields as well as form fields defined for given process as well.



If specific process was chosen in BPS Site Filter configuration and site filtering with respect to form field available to just one process was performed, narrowing of displayed elements will take place only in WebParts configured to display elements from selected process. Only exception is webpart BPS My Inbox, for which filtering always occurs.

Filtering within system and global fields is possible with no regard to chosen process and will be performed in all webparts.

6.    Add filter – causes addition of chosen field to list of “Filtered fields”.



Displayed name – allows to define name of field, which will be displayed in webpart on list of filtering fields. In case of leaving this field empty, default name of field will be displayed.

Change order – changes display order on list of “Filtered fields”

Delete – deletes field from list of “Filtered fields”



To perform webpart filtering on website using BPS Site Filter, user has to choose filtered fields in webpart configuration. After saving changes and moving to website, filtering may be performed by entering field values to filtering attributes in webpart.

Comparison of elements lists from Show Workflow Elements webparts using BPS Site Filter, before and after filtering is shown below.


Elements list after filtering:Capture7


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