Coloring alternating rows of item lists

applies to version: 8.2.x, author: Kamil Nędza

A very useful option for improving the ergonomics and visual appeal of item lists with a very large amount of rows – Coloring alternating rows of an item lists will make them much easier to tell apart and make browsing through large tables of data easier on the eyes.



Go to the Advanced configuration of an Item list type form field:


Fig. 1.General configuration of the Item list type field: „Products”


Then in the Layout tab of the Advanced configuration, select the Use advanced appearance settings checkbox. For the Color mode, select For whole row. On the right hand side, in the SQL query field, we used the tag: {S:LP} – It returns the ordinal number for the given row of the Item list. This query will use the color (#FFCCFF – a stunning shade of pink) only when that ordinal number happens to be an odd number (Analogously, changing the modulo operation result from 1 to 0 will return even rows instead):


Fig.  2. Advanced configuration, Layout tab.


Final effect:

This method will always color rows, regardless of whether they were written in the database, initialized, or added manually. The final effect can be seen below:


Fig. 3. A neatly colored item list on a SharePoint form.

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