Conditional display of form fields based on field values


applies to version 8.x.x, author: Kamil Nędza

Description of functionality:

WEBCON BPS Designer Studio allows to define styles, permissions and behaviors for every single form field. One of the main functionalities is conditional display of form field according to value of another field. It allows to keep the form clean, filter unnecessary information and prevent user from field editing, in dependence of entered information.

Example of functionality:

The “Accomodation fee” field will be displayed only when number of “Delegation days” is different than one. Otherwise it will be hidden.


In process tree click on form field which has to be conditionally hidden. Then go to permissions subtab. It is necessary to enter proper formula in “Visibility restriction SQL query”.

Permissions for “Accomodation fee” form field

In order to do that we can directly enter a formula or, by clicking “Edit” button use some help from query editor. Field visibility depends on value returned by SQL query. If it returns value 1 then the field will be visible, otherwise it will be hidden.

Query editor

Working with help of editor allows to use tags (placed on the right panel), which will automatically substitute values downloaded from currently used document. In this case, a tag returning value from “Delegation days” field, was used.

If query is finished, click OK and save the process.


Verification of functionality action:

On your site, go to the step with configured functionality of conditional form field display. As we can see, depending on “Delegation days” field value, “Accommodation fee” field is respectively hidden or displayed.

“Accomodation fee” form field hidden
“Accomodation fee” form field visible

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