Configuring E-mail notifications and HotMailBoxes with an Office365 account

Applies to version 8.2.x; Author: Tomasz Mierzwa

E-mail notifications

WEBCON BPS can be configured to send E-mail notifications via an Office365 account.

To Begin, in WEBCONN BPS Designer Studio go to the System settings tab, expand the Global parameters node, then under E-mail notifications select Configuration of sending emails.

To connect with the Office 365 email service, in the Server address field enter:, and also Enter a Sender address* and the desired Displayed name of sender.

Next, mark the Use authentication to send e-mail checkbox to use custom credentials* as authentication, and set the Port to 587.

* – Office365 account with an active mailbox

Below is a sample configuration:





Similarly to E-mail notifications, WEBCON BPS also has the option to configure HotMailBoxes so that they work with an Office 365 e-mail address.

Back in System settings, under HotMailBoxes create a new Hotmailbox and enter: as the Server address. Then enter the credentials of a valid Office 365 user with an active mailbox.

Below is a sample configuration:


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