Action description: Convert Word to PDF


applies to version: 8.2.x; author: Tomasz Słuszniak

BPS 8.2 introduces a new action kind for converting docx files to PDF.

The converted docx files are removed from the Attachments menu, and are replaced by PDF files.

Source files

This BPS Action has 3 ways of selecting source files.



This option lets us specify a category, for which word files will be converted.

You can choose from the following:


a) All – All docx files that are attachments to the workflow element will be converted to PDF.

b) Custom – Manually enter category name.

c) Empty – All files not associated with any category will be converted.

2.Regular Expression


Search for files to convert using a regular expression (Regex). You may use the Creator to help you.

For example:

We want all files whose names begin with “Agreement”. The regular expression in this case may look something like this:


3.SQL Query

You can search for source files using an SQL query.

This query should return a list of attachment IDs from the WFDataAttachments table.


Resulting files

The next step is defining how we want our resulting PDF files to be saved.


By default, the PDF files we convert will have the same name and description as the original Word documents. The default category is “The same category as the source file”. The Action “Convert Word to PDF” is available on Steps as well as during Workflow Tasks


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