Copying instance to the clipboard

Applies to version: 2020.1.3 and above; author: MichaƂ Kastelik


During everyday work with WEBCON BPS, it is very often to sent a links to other employees to a particular workflow instance. Until this moment, to do this, you need to copy the instance address from the address bar, put in the clipboard, paste and forward.


With the 2020.1.3. version, a new functionality of copying a link to the element has appeared. This option is available directly in the platform interface and can be used in desktop and mobile browsers, iOS and Android platforms as well as in the WEBCON BPS add-ins for MS Teams, Word and Outlook.


To copy the link to the displayed instance, just click the icon. A message about copying the link to the clipboard will be displayed. Then, just copy the content of the clipboard e.g. to the chat or e-mail message.


The new way of copying a link to an instance speeds up the process of passing information to employees and also allows you to take advantage of new collaboration opportunities in the MS Teams applications and mobile systems.

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