Creating SharePoint list from template

aplies to version 8.0.x; author: Karol Wozniak

Action allows to create a new SharePoint list from existing list template. It creates possibility for rapid replication of existing list which was earlier saved as list template.

Combined with a possibility of saving any SharePoint list with content as a template this action can boost efficiency and save big amount of time while working with SharePoint lists. Due to three different methods of choosing list template we gain flexibility in configuring action and ability to fit it to current needs.

Example of an action usage

For example purposes a list template was created from existing SharePoint list. By using WEBCON action another SharePoint list will be created from existing template. It will be named “List of services”.

Sample document workflow created to illustrate action usage.


The next step is adding an action in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio on a step „Realization”. Action is added by editing appropriate step on workflow document.


After choosing „Edit” we go to „Actions” bookmark in new window. Action is going to be available through a menu button (after opening a document in a web browser).


Action configuration in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio. An existing list template is chosen in a static way (selected from dropdown). Based on it, a new list will be created and link to it added to a quick navigation bar on a site.


Start step as seen after starting the process. After providing sample data we proceed to the “Acceptation” step on a path.


On a „Realization” step (middle step) we get access to the button which executes configured action („Add list from template” on toolbar). After clicking the button we check existing SharePoint groups in site settings. After clicking the button we check the state of configured list.


After executing action we check whether our list was created.


List was created correctly with settings as in template configuration.


Configuration settings

Main configuration window


There are three methods to select wanted list template:

  • Statically – all templates from chosen site are loaded into a single-choice dropdown
  • Dynamically – template’s name inputted into a field is searched on entire SharePoint site, it is possible to use tag editor here (e.g. to point to a form field in which user will type appropriate address “on the go”)
  • Based on form field – it is possible to choose a template on a document, from form field type: „Choice field” (it needs to have system data source „List templates” selected).

General settings let us set a name and description for the list. It is also possible to add it to a quick navigation bar. Writing a newly created list URL address to a form field is another useful feature (fields of type “Single line of text”).


List address:

URL address of a SharePoint list to which new element(s) will be added. Address can be provided manually or by using the functionality of “Select” button.


„Select” button

After clicking the button a new window is showing up, where it is possible to pick appropriate list from sites existing on a server.

„Sites” window

„Sites” window allows to view and browse through all sites existing on a server. It is possible to pick only one (in this case the one on which wanted list template was created).


Choose template


Dropdown selector holds all list templates on a chosen site.


Inputted template name will be searcher for on an entire SharePoint site. It is possible to use tag editor here.


Form field

Template name will be selected from a chosen form field on a document. Field needs to be of type „Choice field” (it needs to have embedded system data source „List templates” selected in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio).


General settings

Provided name and description will be seen on SharePoint site and in list settings. It is possible to add newly created list to a quick navigation bar on main page of SharePoint site.


Saving new list’s URL address to a form field is possibly only for type „Single line of text”. After executing an action, valid URL address to a list will be seen in chosen form field.


Form fields editor

Editor allows use of system form fields, context variables, objects’ identifiers and inputting them into a fields of a configuration form (by double clicking or drag&drop)


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