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Advances is an application used to support the process of issuing and settling advance payments for employees.

A request for an advance is registered by an employee, it is then evaluated by their direct superior, and by a member of the accounting department after that. Once the request receives both approvals and the advance payment is issued, it is then settled and must again be approved by the supervisor and accounting department.

All actors of the workflow can communicate with one-another via the comment box, which is available on every step of the workflow.

The Advances applications is built from two processes:

  • Dictionaries, which contains one dictionary workflow:
    • Groups – used for designating a list of people in the financial/accounting department who will approve and settle the advance payments. The list of active users can be updated (Update button), or can be made inactive. The workflow must contain one and only one active group.


  • Advances – contains the main workflow, whose steps represent the stages necessary to obtain and then settle an advance. The direct superior (Supervisor) is selected based on the organization structure of the company (e.g. AD or AAD). For the accounting approval steps, one member of the accounting/financial group defined in the dictionary workflow is sufficient to complete the task.


Once the application is imported, two dedicated buttons will be available on the application’s Portal site. They are used for launching the workflows mentioned above: Add Group to add an instance to the dictionary, and New Advance to start an instance of the main workflow. The application page will also provide links to various reports that help track progress, as well as the Advances and Administration dashboards which compile information from various report views and can also we used to start workflow instances.


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