Publishing WEBCON BPS for use on mobile apps.

applies to version 8.2.x, author: Paweł Jawień

With the introduction of BPS version 8.2, WEBCON is proud to bring you completely new mobile apps allowing users to access the WEBCON BPS system from various portable devices like tablets or smartphones.

These apps, and their configuration, have been described here:

This article describes the technical aspects of publishing WEBCON BPS online for mobile use.

WEBCON mobile apps where designed using hybrid technology. In other words, they contain a part native to the OS they use (Android, IOS, Windows) and a “web/server” part, based on HTML5.

The native part is responsible for navigating through the system, logging in, the menu, element lists, sorting, filtering etc..

The “web/server” fragment is used for presenting WEBCON BPS forms.

The mobile app communicates with the SharePoint server through standard HTTP protocol and using REST. It is possible (and recommended) to use HTTPS protocol instead for security.

To ensure communication with the SharePoint server it is necessary to correctly publish it online.

When publishing to the internet, it is worthwhile to take a look at the resources provided by Microsoft:

If the company doesn’t plan to publish a full SharePoint site, only access to mobile apps, it is necessary to virtually publish these directories:

  • https://server.domain/_vti_bin
  • https:// domain /_layouts

If WEBCON BPS operates not only on the main site, but also on subsites like /site1; /site2 – additionally publish:

  • https:// server.domain/site1/_vti_bin
  • https:// server.domain/site1/_layouts
  • https:// server.domain/site2/_vti_bin
  • https:// server.domain/site2/_layouts

The authentication of users logging in from mobile devices is carried out via NTLM protocol, so it is necessary to enable this type of authentication.


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