Exporting a Data table form field to an Excel file

Applies to version: 2020.3.x and above; author: Konrad Wojtycza



Data export from the Data table form field of the MODERN form is a useful functionality that has been added to version 2020.1.1. This option makes it easier to access and work on data stored in WEBCON BPS.

Configuration and data export

The ability to export is available in the advanced configuration of the Data table form field – select the “Allow Excel export” option (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1. Configuration of the Data table form field


In our example, the data table form field contains an item list for ordering with the price and instance ID from the dictionary that stores information about them. Click the “Export” button – the file export process will start (Fig. 2).

This button has been activated after selecting the “Allow Excel export” option in the form field advanced configuration.

Fig. 2. Data table with the “Export” button


The created Excel file:

Fig. 3. The exported Excel file


The entire content of the table will always be visible in the Excel file, even if the data table is divided into several pages in the form.


The export of data table form field is a simple functionality to configure and use that can facilitate access to data and work on it, as well as reporting and presentation of lists (e.g. orders).

One thought to “Exporting a Data table form field to an Excel file”

  1. When “Allow Excel export” option enabled and the “Export” button is activated only for the user who is assigned on that particular task.
    Is it possible to make this option visible for everyone not just for the assigned person?

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