Exporting a Data table form field to an Excel spreadsheet

Applies to version: 2019.1.4.x and above; author: Marcin Pisarek



In the WEBCON 2020 version, we introduce the ability to export the content of a “Data table” form field to an Excel file (this option is available in the MODERN form). The article below shows how we can use this functionality.

Business case

This functionality can be used when is necessary to modify/save data outside the system. One of the examples is business trips or vacations.

In the vacation processes, data tables are used to display the vacation requests of employees in a given year. Such data can be exported directly from a workflow instance to an Excel file and then processed in an accounting company.

The form

To export the file, just click the “Export” button above the data table.

Fig.1. The content export buton from the Data table form field


Important! The button is visible only in the edit mode, and only after enabling the appropriate option in the form field configuration (see below).


In WEBCON BPS 2020, the option of exporting data to an Excel spreadsheet is available in the Data table form field configuration as the checkbox – “Allow Excel export”.

Fig. 2. Form field configuration – set the “Allow Excel export” option

Export data to an Excel file

Clicking the “Export” button to the Excel file allows to:

  • Save the generated Excel file – the default name of the file is the name of Data table form field
  • Open the Excel spreadsheet – open a directly generated spreadsheet without saving

All columns that are visible to the user are exported to the file.

Fig.3. Generated Excel file

The columns that are marked to be visible and displayed as a hyperlinks on the form are saved in text form (display text).

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