Form field groups – configuration


Applies to version: 8.x.x; author: Szymon Patacz


WEBCON BPS Designer Studio allows to create form field groups. Configuration allows to set group header, its height, order of fields and activity mode. Activity mode defines a manner in which fields will be displayed on the form.

Three activity modes are available:

–          Not collapsible

–          Expanded by default

–          Collapsed by default

Form fields group – configuration

“Not collapsible” causes header and form fields to be displayed without possibility to collapse group

“Not collapsible” mode

Other modes allow to collapse group on the form and displaying only its header. Initial state is determined on basis of chosen mode.

“Collapsed by default” mode

Activity mode of the group may be also changed in step edition, in “Forms” tab, by choosing “Advanced” button for the group. From drop-down menu “Default state” choose how the group should be displayed on a given step.


Configuration of display type in step edition allows to change a manner of group display, depending on the step in which the document is.

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