General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – How to prepare your company for new EU regulations

Applies to version 2017.1.3.x; author: Anna Puka

All business organizations operating on EU territory are required to adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the 25th May 2018.

In order to meet GDPR requirements, WEBCON BPS 2017.1.3.x will introduce a number of features, which are designed to help personal data administrators and your company adjust to these new standards.


Please remember that the introduction of new features for the purpose of protecting personal data will not cause any direct changes in existing processes. Adjusting processes created in WEBCON BPS to meet GDPR standards will require analysis, and possibly modifications which make use of the new features. A more detailed description of changes and examples of workflows will appear in future articles.


New WEBCON BPS features will allow you to:

  • Designate processes and data sources which are explicit carriers of personal data (e.g. candidate cards). In BPS Designer Studio such processes/data sources are called ‘Personal data dictionaries’. 
    • Transparently manage permissions to personal data dictionaries.
    • Quickly edit personal data (Right to rectification).
    • Execute actions which delete/pseudonymize personal data (Right to be forgotten).
  • Mark processes, as well as individual form fields, which contain personal data.
    • View a report listing all personal data used in each process.
    • Automatically pseudonymize or delete a specific user’s personal data within a selected process (Right to be forgotten).
    • Limit the visibility of personal data and even specific form fields to select users/groups (Privacy by Design).
  • Highlight fields containing personal data.
    • Design separate visibility rules that apply to sensitive data (Privacy by Design).
  • Automatically create a report listing all personal data used across all WEBCON BPS processes.
    • Highlight all fields containing personal/sensitive data in dictionary processes and processes containing personal information (create a register of data processing operations).
  • Pseudonymize/delete personal data based on a dictionary from an external system.
    • Use the new WEBCON BPS action to anonymize or delete personal data based not only on WEBCON BPS processes, but also data sources built on external systems (e.g.: ERP, CRM).

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