Generate Word file action in BPS – update for version 8.2 and higher.

Applies to version 8.2 and higher; Author: Paweł Jawień

This article describes the vastly improved and much more convenient way of creating DOCX templates directly in MS Word using the WEBCON BPS Word Add-In.

The old method of creating DOCX templates, adding them to a SharePoint library and linking to them from Designer Studio has been discontinued.

The installation process for the BPS Word Add-In has been described [here].

After installing the Word Add-In, the first thig you should do is configure the connection settings. Go to the WEBCON BPS tab and click User Settings. Enter the web address to the site on which WEBCON BPS processes are available (as well as login credentials if necessary).



After correctly configuring the connection parameters, click File Generation Templates in MS Word. The Templates menu will then become available on the right-hand side. From the Processes & Document Types menus, select the BPS Process and one of its available document types for which the template will be created.

After making the selection the Form fields section will displayed a tree of dynamic tags which can be used to reference various variables used throughout the system (System fields, Form fields, Context variables etc.). Elements form the tree can be placed on the Word document by dragging and dropping. When a Generate Word file action using this template will be executed, the tags will be substituted with the relevant values.



This is what a sample template for the requisition process might look like:



When a Generate a Word file action is executed, the dynamic tags are replaced by relevant values, like so:


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