Grouping Menu button type Actions


applies to version: 8.2.x and higher; author: Tomasz Słuszniak

For some Forms in a Workflow, it is more convenient to execute certain Actions directly, without traversing the Sharepoint site.  To make these actions readily accessible, we usually add them as extra buttons in the Form Menu.

If we have 2 or 3 Actions, displaying them along the top of the Form Menu is not a problem. However, when we add 5 or more such buttons, some of them inevitably become hard to access without horizontal scrolling.


We can fix this issue by grouping BPS Actions into tidy drop-down menus.

In the above example, we have 3 functions which generate various documents:

  1. Generate DOCX File
  2. Convert DOCX to PDF
  3. Generate Excel file

As well as 3 functions designed to send out e-mail notifications:

  1. Send notification
  2. Send notification to the author
  3. Send notification to the director

We can organize them into two groups:

  1. Generating documents
  2. Notification

To add a group click the right mouse button and choose the “Add group” option, enter the desired group name and select a display icon.

Do the same for the second group.

After saving these changes, the actions are visible on the Action list under their respective groups.

From now on, Actions in the Form Menu will be visible in drop menus corresponding to the groups they were assigned to. Thanks to this, the menu looks much clearer and better organized. The user has all available functions in their field of view, and is able to access them from neat drop-down lists without scrolling sideways.

2018/10/1 update – In newer WEBCON BPS versions it is possible to define many actions on a single button, which can further improve the form visibility.

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