Hiding reports in the navigation menu

Applies to version: 2020.1.x; author: Małgorzata Dębowska



WEBCON BPS gives us the ability to create reports in the application and then embedding them on dashboards and external websites. However, there may be a situation when for a particular application many reports have been created, which will result in the long list of reports in the navigation menu (located on the left in the WEBCON BPS Portal) that we don’t use every day.

How can we deal with this situation? In the 2020.1.1. version we will have access to new functionality – “Hide in the navigation menu” that allows us to hide such reports.


Let’s enter the configuration of the selected report and check the “Hide in navigation menu” option in the “User privileges” tab.


After saving the changes our report will be displayed everywhere as before (on dashboards, as an embedded code, etc.) but it won’t appear in the navigation menu on the left.

However, if we enter to the WEBCON BPS Portal in edit mode, the report will be visible – such reports then have a translucent font color on the menu.

In addition, to manage the visibility of reports we also have the possibility to modify the order in which they are displayed – we can do this by dragging reports on the list as well as by using the navigation menu next to each report.

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