Installing ActiveX

Applies to version 8.3.x; Author: Szymon Patacz

ActiveX plugin is an element of WEBCON BPS that enhances attachment handling.

With ActiveX, we can paste images and text from the system clipboard directly to the SharePoint form, adding them as attachments to the workflow element. We can also paste files copied from Windows Explorer or send workflow element attachments via email.

In order to fully utilize this plugin, turn on “Upload from clipboard” in the configuration of the global form template for the chosen workflows. (Select a process -> select a workflow -> Global form template tab -> Visibility and behavior column on the right -> Attachment menu).



The option of sending attachments via email is active by default and does not require additional configuration.

Installing the plugin for users can be done in two ways.

The first option is simply at SharePoint form level – if the user doesn’t have the plugin installed, when they attempt to paste something from their clipboard or send the attachments of a workflow element via email, they will be redirected to a site where they may install the plugin manually.

The other option is to place the plugin installation pack (it can be found in the WEBCON BPS installation folder) in a Network Share location and launch the installation process via Command Prompt (a.k.a. CMD).

The msiexec command for automatic installation of the plugin should look something like this:

msiexec /i {path_to_package_location\WebCon.Solutions.BPSActiveXControls.Setup.msi} ALLUSERS=1 /qn


/i {package} – Install the product

ALLUSERS=1 – Define whether this product will be available for all users

/qn – Hide user interface

After installing ActiveX in such a way, all users of the machine will be able to use the plugin without the need to manually install it.


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