Intuitive application management – tooltips and task details

Applies to version 2019.1; author: Łukasz Kraśniak


Form field, path, and task tooltips are a massive help for users to easily understand the concept of WEBCON BPS applications. Consistently providing tooltips and task details across all your processes and workflows will teach users to rely on these elements to learn about their intended task. This help immensely when introducing new users to your WEBCON BPS applications, creating new applications for veteran users, or when asking users to guest in applications they don’t normally use.


It is very important to use tooltips which are displayed when the user hovers the mouse pointer over a chosen form field. To add a description of the field, go to its configuration and choose the “Description” field.

After opening the form and placing the mouse pointer over the „Contractor” field, a tooltip added in form field configuration will be displayed.


Tooltips on paths

Another important part of making task processing a bit easier is placing tooltips on paths on specific workflow steps. To add them go to specific step configuration and in “Paths” tab provide description in “Path description in tooltip” field.

After placing the pointer over any path, the user will have information displayed which was previously entered in the path description.


Task details

This functionality is very helpful in informing the user about what should be done in a specific step in order to correctly fill in the form. Configuration of this description is done in the configuration of the step in “Description” field.

Adding process instruction on the form

  1. Place a PDF document with the instruction somewhere on the internet – to do that you can place it on SharePoint and copy the file location.
  2. In workflow information paste address in “Link to user manual” field.
  3. The result of adding this manual to the process can be seen below.



The concepts presented in this article allow for improved user adoption rates of WEBCON BPS applications. It also allows for a more intuitive work for users who are already familiar with workflows, but are frequently need help. The tooltips and information will show them the way. It is always worth it to spend some additional time on adding these elements to the configuration of (almost) all of your applications to help the users do their job more efficiently.

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