Maintenance hours mechanism

Applies to version 8.3.x; Author: Łukasz Preiss


WEBCON BPS version 8.3 introduces a new mechanism for scheduling maintenance hours for your workflow service. It is used for defining a timeframe during which the workflow service will enter an ‘idle mode’. This will help plan and carry out maintenance operations (for example; on the database –  backup, offline mode) without logging an excessive amount of errors by the service, while the component undergoing maintenance is unavailable.=



Maintenance hours can be defined in Designer studio in the Schedules screen (System settings -> Services configuration). To add a new timeframe, click Add in the Maintenance hours panel, and then enter a day of the week, as well as start and end times of the maintenance hours.

The day of week is the day on which the maintenance starts, but it can go over onto the next day. For example, entering “Tuesday 23:00 5:00” means that the maintenance period will start on Tuesday at 23:00, and finish on Wednesday at 5:00.




As soon as the maintenance period starts, the workflow service enters ‘idle mode’. The Event Log should register the following entry:WEBCON BPS Service has entered maintenance mode and is unavailable”. From this moment, the administrator may, for example, safely detach the database without causing errors to be logged. After the timeframe allotted for maintenance is over, a message signalizing: WEBCON BPS Service has ended maintenance mode and is available” will be registered in the Event Log.

Special attention is required when we want to stop or restart the service during maintenance hours. While simply stopping the service while the database is offline won’t cause problems, when restarting the service it is important for the database to be available.

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