Managing user licenses (CAL)

Applies to versions: 8.3; 2016.1; 2017.1 and higher; Author: Paweł Jawień

There are a couple methods of licensing that exist in WEBCON BPS. Apart from a server license, it is necessary to have either users licenses (USER CAL) or process licenses.

If a company uses USER CAL type licenses (assigned per defined user) it is often necessary to shuffle those licenses between different users as the employees change over time.

A license is technically assigned to a defined user in the moment when they first save an element, or they are assigned a task within the system (i.e. they become an active participant in the system).

A list of all assigned licenses can be viewed in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio in the Reports tab – Licenses node – Workflow users.


This report displays all active users with the last time they logged into the system. If a user has logged in (hasn’t registered any elements) in over 90 days, their license is made available and can be used by another user.

The report also contains the Release license button which can be used to manually free up a license, but it may only be used on users whose AD accounts were either disabled or deleted. If a user is active, attempting to release their license will result in an error message.

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