Marking tasks as flagged/postponed

applies to version: 8.2.x; author: Marcin Wiktor

1. Intro – What is the flag feature and how to use it.

With version 8.2, BPS offers its users a feature similar to the one found in MS Outlook – flagging tasks.

Flagging a task is possible for users assigned to a workflow element (on which they have active tasks). Users are allowed to change the flag for the workflow element in SharePoint, as well as from a correctly configured BPS Show Workflow Element Web Part.

Currently, BPS supports the following flags:

flagi_p1Mark Flagged

flagi_p2Mark Postponed

Allowing users to flag their tasks does not require any extra settings on the process level. However, to make the most of flags, the SWE Web Parts responsible for displaying tasks have to be configured correctly.

2. Marking flags in the workflow element.

Marking a task as flagged/postponed from the workflow element site is possible in the „Task details” section. If the task has already been marked with a flag, an additional option to remove the flag will appear.


Currently, to save the settings of the flag, it is necessary to click the SAVE button in the top menu.

3. Flagging in the Show Workflow Element Web Part.

Flags on the SWE Web Part are displayed automatically in the “Task” system column, for that reason we will turn on the display option for said column in our example below.


In the Web Part configuration, we can limit the displayed elements to only those, which have been marked with a specific flag. This is done in the “Predefined filters” section.


In the event of not selecting any of the marking options (like above), all elements containing a task for the user will be visible to them, regardless of what they are marked with (if anything).

Using these options we can easily configure a Web Part to, for example, display all of the user’s postponed tasks.


Using the SWE Web Part, we can quickly change the flag marking individual workflow elements.

To that end, we must check the Path transition menu” box on one of the displayed columns (ex. Step).

The option to mark the task as flagged/ delayed is available from this menu.


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