Mass e-mail notifications

Applies to version: 2020.1.x and above; author: Dawid Golonka



One of the most important functionalities in WEBCON BPS is the ability to communicate with users by sending e-mails to them. Depending on the needs, e-mails can be sent by the system with information about actions performed in the workflow, or notify the user about a new task.

If the system is used in an organization to support many business processes, there may be a situation in which the users will receive so many e-mails with notifications about new tasks that will disorganize their work.

WEBCON BPS allows you to use the mass e-mail notifications to group notifications and send their list in one e-mail at a specified time (or hours). You can indicate the processes that can be operated in this way.

Information about mass e-mail notifications for the earlier version of the system can be found in the Mass e-mail notification article.

Configuration of mass e-mail notifications

To enable the mass e-mail notifications functionality, in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio go to the “System settings” and then expand the “Global parameters” section and select “E-mail notifications” -> “Mass notification”.


In the next step, select the “Active” option. The “Notification times” field is used to enter the hours in which the notification should be sent, depending on the businesss needs of the organization. In the “Exceptions” field you can add “exceptions” – users or groups for which the mass notification option will remain inactive.

In the “Deployment mode” panel you can set up forwarding of e-mails to the given e-mail address. This option is most useful in the system production implementation or for training purposes.


After saving the changes, the system will ask you to load process configuration again. In the “System settings” tab go to the “Services configuration” option and from the “Services” select your service. On the upper bar click the “Load configuration” option.


Configuration of the mass e-mail notifications in the process

To add a process to the list of processes supported by mass notifications – go to the “Configuration” tab and then select the “Mass notification” option.


To activate or deactivate the mass notifications function for the process, use the “Show process in the list of active tasks in the e-mail summary” option. In the “Content” panel you can select the option to attach task details to an e-mail, and select the form fields which will be displayed in the
e-mail and specify their order. In the right panel there is a “Exceptions” window where you can define users or groups to which the task details will not be sent in the mass notification.


Setting up mass notifications for a process does not automatically disable the standard notifications defined in the given process. If the mass notifications should be the only type of notification – disable the option of standard notifications.

An example

After proper configuration of mass notifications, the system will send an e-mail with information about active tasks in the selected processes at the indicated time (including the number of new tasks).

The view of example e-mail:


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