Mass removal of workflow instances

applies to version: 8.2.x, author: Michał Rykiert

One of the greatest advantages of WEBCON Business Process Suite is the fact, that every single change made to an existing process can be tested immediately. For this reason, implementing functionalities into a process can be done piece by piece , and every added segments can be tested right away. This usually leaves behind a considerable amount of throwaway workflow elements on the process, which should be deleted before deploying the process on a production environment.

Up until now, this had to be done manually, or by using a special script. With the introduction of version 8.2, a functionality has been added which allows power users to quickly clean up superfluous elements with a  few clicks in Designer studio.


Start by clicking “Tasks” in the top left, then “Administration tools”.



A new window should pop up:



From the menu on the left, select “Delete elements from process”, and select the target process from the dropdown menu. Click “Delete” to confirm the action.

After the system finishes deleting the workflow elements, a report will be displayed:



Since these changes are irreversible, we recommend extreme caution when using this option, especially in the case of production environments.


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