Measuring performance with WEBCON’s KPI


Applies to version 8.0.x; Author: Michal Rykiert

It’s nothing new that measuring performance is an essential part of any Business Process Management (BPM) initiative. It allows to check if processes are running correctly and identify potential bottlenecks. Such functionality is also an out-of-the-box feature of WEBCON BPS. Let’s have a quick look on how to configure it.

The configuration of KPIs can be divided into three steps:

1. Service configuration

First of all, it is required to define when and how frequently KPI should be refreshed. In order to do so, open WEBCON BPS Designer Studio, go to System Settings, find Services Configuration, extend it and select Schedules.

Then, in KPI analysis refresh configuration you’ll be able to set up proper hours for KPI refresh (e.g. 12AM and 12 PM).


Save the configuration.

2. Setting time limits

The next step is to define duration indicators on given steps. In order to do so, select your workflow in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio and proceed to step configuration.


Once new window is opened, select Analysis tab. Here, you are able to define time needed to complete tasks (“Expected time in step”) and also time needed to edit the form. Put values in both fields and proceed to configuration of another steps. Keep in mind that different steps can have different duration limits.



Those indicators will be used to define which tasks are performed under the limit (marked green), on time (marked yellow) and over the limit (marked red).
Once your configuration is finished, save the process.


3. Configuraiton of KPI webpart on SharePoint site.

KPI are displayed just like any other data kept in the system. Thus it is required to add a dedicated webpart to display KPI.
Edit page/site and insert a new webpart. Choose it from the list: WEBCON Business Process Suite -> BPS Steps KPI.
Please note: KPI webpart can handle various processes and variables, thus it is recommended to create separate site/page where all that data could be displayed.



Once webpart is on site, it will require a configuration. Edit it and proceed with configuration.

Once the configuration screen is displayed, you’ll be able to set basic parameters, like: mode (how statistics should be displayed), columns (which statistic should be displayed), process (which processes should be taken into account while displaying statistics).


Set them accordingly to your liking. Click Save and return to site.

KPI is configured.
Now you have to Start new workflow elements (from process(es) you’ve configured in KPI webpart) and work on them, in order to let system collect proper data. All information will be displayed once KPI is refreshed, just as in the screenshot below.



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