Monitoring the number of remaining ABBYY licences

Applies to version 8.2 and above; Author: Marcin Wołosz

Clients using the OCR mechanism will often find that they process more and more invoices over time. Hence, it is very important to check whether you still have enough ABBYY FineReader® licenses. The license specifies the number of pages that can be used each month.

IMPORTANT: If the process is not prepared for the lack of licenses, all documents will stop on ‘Add a text layer’ step. If you want to extend your license, please contact WEBCON.


How to check remaining licenses:

  • On a machine where FineReader® is installed find path to LicenseManager program. By default it can be found in the catalogue: C:\Program Files\FineReader 11\Bin64
  • Run the manager, find an available license and in License Parameters section find Volume. In the example below there are 24 912 pages left for the remainder of the month. The license itself covers for 25 000 pages a month.

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