WEBCON BPS 2019 – Changes to privilege settings

Applies to version 2019.1.x; Author: Martyna Krzyżak

WEBCON BPS 2019 introduces changes in privileges – especially in the presentation layer. Managing all privileges is done in one place – in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio.

Privilege levels

First, let’s define two main privilege levels:

– Access to Portal/presentation layer/configuration,

– Data access.

The first privilege level allows to access/modify/design application for WEBCON BPS Portal, but does not provide privileges to the data stored in form fields and workflows. Having these privileges, we will see WEBCON BPS Portal and all application to which we have access, but reports will consist only of headers without actual workflow instance data.

It can be compared to the access to a SharePoint website – having access to the website granted we can open it, see Web Parts which are on the website but without proper privileges, workflow instances on SWE reports will not be visible.

Data access allows the user to display specific instances on reports and their preview/edit depending on their assigned role.

Global privileges

Designer Studio global privileges in WEBCON BPS 2019 were extended into 3 sections:

– System administrators,

– Business administrators,

– Workflow data read-only access.

Previously those were admin privileges providing access to all instances in all processes and allowing to be an admin on all of those instances. In the most recent version, those privileges are Business administrators’ privileges.

Below you can see listed all global privileges with their main functions:

Application privileges

Applications’ user privileges are a brand new node of privileges introduced in WEBCON BPS 2019. Those privileges are provided to users at Designer Studio on the level of a specific application.

Below are listed privilege levels in an application, and the possibilities provided by each specific role:


When creating new applications, please remember that it is possible to do so only as a user with System Administrator privileges. After creating an application, the System Administrator can provide other users with Application Administrator privileges. After providing users with such privileges, they will then have access to Designer Studio and thus to modify specific application from there.


Process privileges

Privileges provided directly at process level were just slightly altered in the new version – they were given new names (accordingly to the diagram below). There are no additional changes apart from the names. So the user having the privilege to “Add new” in the old version will have same privileges as user with “Launch new workflow instances” in 2019 version.

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