Process start from Hyperlinks (top link bar action) with automatic form field initialization


applies to version 8.0.x; author: Kamil Nędza

Sometimes Workflows have dozens of form fields and contain plenty of information. If we want to start a new workflow using data from existing document, manual rewriting is not effective and creates risk of mistake. In such case it is worth to start new process from Hyperlink (top link bar action), where form fields initialization mechanism will be used.

For this purpose, following WEBCON BPS Designer Studio features will be used:

  • Choice field – form field used to choose value from list. In our case such field will be used to initialize remaining form fields to new workflow
  • Hyperlink – action allowing movement to site with given address or opening new window. It is also possible to start new workflows. Additionally, such link will forward a parameter, thanks to which system will know which document, form fields should be loaded from.

Feature action example:

Two workflows exist. “Profitability Verification” workflow which precedes “Project” workflow.
We want our action – Starting new “Project” workflow – to be available at “Archive” step of “Profitability verification” workflow. We also want every form field from parent workflow to be moved to form on registration step of “Project” workflow.


Addition and configuration of “Choice field” form field:

In process tree find form fields section and add a new field of “Choice field” type. Click “New form field”, then change its name and type.
This field will initialize values of other fields. It will get ID of existing workflow document, from which it will download values.

In “General” tab set default data source. In SQL query use formula returning all documents with document type that we will import data from. In our case we will move data from “Profitability verification” workflow to Project workflow so our query has to filter every document from Profitability verification workflow. Select “Use popup window (SharePoint picker)” checkbox.


Click “Configure” button and go to detailed form field configuration. Here we can configure fields mapping. In other words, we have to set which fields (returned from our SQL query) go to which form field in subworkflow. It is important to return only 1 verse, that is why we relate to unique for whole workflow – WFD_ID.


Source column defines where value is downloaded from. Source columns may be easily verified just by checking form field settings.


After mapping all form fields, click OK button and save your project. Form field is ready.

Hyperlink action:

When “Verification document” is ready, new action that opens certain link, should be created. To add Hyperlink as an action on a given step, go into step configuration, choose Profitability verification workflow, select “Archive” step and click “Edit”. In “Actions” tab add a Menu button action. Change its name, and set its kind as Hyperlink.


Move into detailed action settings by clicking “Configure” button. Configuration window will appear. As a hyperlink, paste a properly prepared link:

[Link to WFDynamic]?WF_ID=[Workflow ID]&DTYPE_ID=[Document type ID]&[Parameters to forward]

In this specific case, copied link looks as follows:{WFD_ID}


Link moves Current ID from “Profitability Verification” workflow to “Verification document”. &AttChoose1={WFD_ID} is resposible for such activity. (Take a look at form field configuration from fig. 1 – you can find there a column of  form field from database)

Test of developed solution:

Go into “Profitability Verification” workflow:


After clicking “Start Project Workflow” button, form of our new workflow will be opened in new tab. In this particular case it is “Project workflow”.


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