Redundant service configuration in WEBCON BPS

applies to version 8.0.x; author: Pawel Jawien

In previous (before 8.0.x) versions of WEBCON BPS system it was not possible to configure a fully redundant system. Up till now, additional SharePoint Front end servers ensured that redundancy would be provided on a SharePoint level and using MS SQL Cluster (or AlwaysOn solution) ensured BPS database redundancy. However providing redundancy of WEBCON BPS Workflow Service was still a tricky problem.

Starting from 8.0.0 version it is possible to have a second installation of BPS service ensuring full redundancy in a system.


Additional instance of BPS service must be installed on Window server 2008 or later. It is not required for SharePoint or SQL to be installed on a server.

Additional service instance installation

In presented example the original installation of WEBCON BPS system was executed on a machine named UT09 (with SharePoint Foundation 2013, WEBCON BPS Workflow Service, WEBCON BPS Designer Studio). Database is located on a machine named: WCS03.

Installation of additional WEBCON BPS Workflow Service instance will be executed on a machine named SRV20.

First step is to run WEBCON BPS installer on a Windows server (SRV20).


After checking requirements click „Next” and proceed to main installation process of a BPS Service.


Choose an advanced installation of WEBCON Business Process Suite


On a server without a SharePoint, it is only possible to install following components:

  • WEBCON BPS Workflow Service
  • WEBCON BPS Designer Studio

Install only Workflow Service, skipping Designer Studio installation.

After successfully installing service components, a database connection window will show up. It enables connecting new service instance to existing configuration database of WEBCON BPS.


In presented example SQL server name is „WCS03”, configuration database „UT09_Conf_PS”

In a „Service configuration” window provide login and password to account on which a service will run.

REMEMBER! It should be the same account which was used in already working instance of BPS service

Other parameters may be left default.

After confirming account data a new window will show up that will enable running redundant instance of service.


After clicking button „Start service”, redundant instance of service should successfully start.

Installation process is finished. Now proceed to detailed service configuration.



Redundant service configuration

To configure service run WEBCON BPS Designer Studio and go to tab: „System configuration”, next from the tree select „Service configuration” then sub branch called „Services”. A list of all servers will show up on which a working services are present and are connected with configuration database. In this example those servers are: UT09 and SRV20.


By switching between servers we can choose which roles should be performed by which server.

In this example we made an assumption that SRV20 server holds only one role – to serve as redundancy machine in case UT09 server fails. By default all roles are working on UT09. For SRV20 machine go to section „Services of which roles will be taken over during failover procedure” and check UT09 server as a machine that will be taken over when it’s experiences a crash.




Running modules report

WEBCON BPS Designer Studio provides basic reports about behaviour of services. Below is an example status report of modules running on installed services.


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