Risk registry in BPS – usage of item list


applies to version 8.0.x; author: Anna Pilch


Due to use of WEBCON BPS Word Add-In, automatic document creation using information entered to processes is possible. Usage of item list adds new, interesting possibilities. Item list allows to add a table with definable columns for chosen process. Table may be filled or modified during work with process, as well as exported to Microsoft Excel file.


Every project associates some risks. One of main tools used for risk management is risk registry. Thanks to BPS item list, it is easy to create registry adapted to company standards and needs.


Item list creation

To add item list to workflow, user has to choose Form fields in selected process and click New then change form field type to Item list.


Next step is to define columns of currently created list. To add a column, user has to click “New column” button on General tab of Item list form field or click on list in process tree using right mouse button and click New column.


Sample risk registry will contain following information:

  • Event description – multiple lines of text field
  • Category – choice field which allows event grouping to compare different projects
  • Estimated risk size – choice field, value defined by historical data, in example ten-point scale was used.
  • Report date – date type field, by default filled with current date
  • Planned reaction to event – choice field, contains procedures of reaction to risk, adopted in company
  • Responsible person – choice field, defines person whose task is to monitor given risk and performing planned actions
  • Status – defines if risk is still present

All columns have to be added in order in which they will be displayed. As a result Risk registry should have following columns defined:


Size of displayed field on position list may be adjusted by variables in width field.


After defining columns, user has to go to item list and click “Configure”. In order to update risk information, possibility to edit list contents has to be set. Go to “General” tab and check following fields: Single row editing and Allow all rows editing.


Confirm and close configuration by clicking OK.

Next choose on which steps, item list and its columns will be created and visible. On Fields matrix go to Item lists and check their visibility. In example risk registry was added to Project process. So it may be filled in Project creation step and in Realization, after finishing, risk registry should be read only


On Global form template choose place to display list. All item lists are displayed in lower part of document. For project process it is the best to display it below Gantt chart.


When finished, save process.

Item list should be visible on project documents. Every user with permissions to modify chosen document will have a possibility to add new elements to list. Thereby whole team may easily modify risk list.


In order to fill registry click ADD. All defined lists will show up.


Enter new risks and go through Update project path (save option also may be used).

Document list addition

Automatic document creation containing entered risk registry requires proper template to be provided. Creation of dedicated templates is possible after installing WEBCON BPS Word AddIn.

In order to add created list to a document, open Word document to which it has to be added, for example template of Project chart. On WEBCON BPS ribbon click settings.


Enter address of site with project processes and enter your domain, user name and password. Confirm with OK button.

Next, click File generating templates. On the left side, template creation menu will appear. Choose process and document type in which risk registry is created. List of available form fields will appear.


Next, move risk registry to selected place. Columns configuration form will appear. Here, it is possible to set looks of the table.


After confirmation, a table created on basis of form fields will show up on document.


Save the document in chosen file library in SharePoint.

Next step is to configure proper action, which will allow to generate document using saved template.

In Project process on In realization step open actions tab. Choose Menu button option and click add. Then enter action name, for example Add project chart and change action type to Generate DOCX and go into its configuration.


In Document template enter link to created template, then check Save as an attachment option and save the process.


Test of developed solution

In order to verify created action, go into chosen project document and fill risk registry.

After fulfilling it, click Add project chart option, if action is configured properly, word file will appear in project attachments. After opening it, risk registry should be visible.



Using item list to create risk registry allows to enter it in any process and also constant monitoring and updating status of identified risks. Using BPS Word AddIn with item list allows group work with documentation. By developing above example with defining KPI and milestones it is possible to generate full project chart in analogic way.

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