Substitutions in 2019 version

Applies to version 2019.1; author: Agnieszka Mazur


Substitutions are described in great detail in the following article The issues it raises are still valid and this article only describes an additional functionality which was introduced in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio 2019.

The biggest innovation is the method of defining substitutions – through Portal and not by using WebPart as it was in previous system versions.


2019 version

Managing substitutions is available on the Portal without the need to configure an additional website element.

Clicking on the user icon in the upper-right corner of the screen will display the list from which choose „Substitutions”.

Choosing „Substitutions” will redirect to a page on which we can provide a substitution for ourselves or for someone else. In the other case system administrator privileges are required.


The view displays four columns: replaced person, start date, end date and substitute. Settings are changed via a button in the upper right corner of the screen. Modifying/creating reports is available to a user who has Portal designer privileges. New WEBCON BPS 2019 privilege levels are described in detail here:


Icon marked in yellow is the global substitutions settings. It allows to define a number of substitutions on the website and choose substitution execution mode: turned off, basic or via a dedicated application.


Basic mode allows to define substitutions per process and per business entity. You can choose process which will have substitution management turned off in the WEBCON BPS Designer Studio.

Selecting the checkboxes will change the substitutions view displaying additional columns: process, business entity and database.


Basic mode is the standard one, as suggested by the WEBCON BPS approach in defining substitutions. However if the substitutions management is done differently in the business entity then it can be defined as a dedicated application in which the substitution process is configured in a separate workflow. Choose the workflow mentioned above from the list of available applications.


Next to the global settings there is a filter which alters the way the substitutions report can be displayed: My active, All active, All. My active is selected by default.


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