Suggested dashboards and reports

Applies to version: 2020.3.x and above; author: Adrian Baszak



WEBCON BPS Portal is a platform that is the central point of the system for end users and contains all information about available applications. One of the advantages of the Portal is the standardization and consistency of the interface between multiple applications.

It allows users to easily use the subsequent applications and for people who configure processes, it significantly reduces the time of their preparation.

This article describes one of the standard elements of the Portal – the “Suggested dashboards and reports” widget.

Suggested dashboards and reports

The “Suggested dashboards and reports” widget presents to each user the most frequently used by them:

  • Reports
  • Report views
  • Dashboards

This is the standard part of the application’s main page and does not require any additional configuration. When users start using the application, the system based on their activity – creates them a personalized menu of the most useful elements.

Fig. 1. The main page of the application with the “Suggested dashboards and reports” widget


To create a list of the suggested elements, the frequency of using the individual links within a given application is taken into account. Therefore, the menu will change dynamically at the beginning of using application and will stabilize over time.

The same list is also visible after clicking on the search engine in the top menu of the Portal, so you have access to them even when editing the form without having to go to the appropriate dashboard.

Fig. 2. The most used dashboards and reports in search


Configuration on the own dashboard

Apart from the standard application, the “Suggested dashboards and reports” can be placed of any dashboard – in the same way as other dashboard’s elements like start buttons, reports, or search engine.

Fig. 3. The configuration of the suggested reports on dashboards


You can set the prepared dashboard as a start page of the application.

Fig. 4. The example dashboard set as the start page of the application



The suggested dashboards and reports allow you to easily add a personalized element of the application. Instead of looking for answers to the question: “Which reports will users need to use most often?” or “Which links should be placed at the top?”, insert the widget and the system will display the elements that are the most used by a user.

In conjunction with the option of creating a list of favorite links, WEBCON BPS Portal users receive an interface that not only can be modified by themselves but also one that adapts to them.

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