The “Finish all users’ tasks” option

Applies to version: 2020.1.x and above; author: Dawid Golonka



Workflows created in WEBCON BPS are built of steps and paths which illustrate the various stages of the business process . When directing an instance to the next step, there is often a need to assign a task to any user or group of users. In some cases you may need to finish a task without waiting for the user to do so – you can use the “Finish all users’ tasks” option available in the administration mode.


The administrator’s ability to complete users’ tasks is a very useful function used at every stage of the system’s life.

It is hard to imagine testing the implemented solutions if each time after the change was made, all users who had to perform the task had to participate in checking the correctness of the workflow operation.

The situation is similar when working on a system already implemented in the business entity. In everyday work, it may happen that the task was assigned to the wrong person or someone is on vacation etc.

Both problems can be solved by using the “Finish all users’ tasks” option available on the form for the person who is a business administrator (on the workflow/process/global level).

Business case description

The simple workflow of the vacation requests registration has been created – let’s focus on two first steps: Registration and Acceptance.

Fig. 1. The workflow of the vacation requests registration


The exemplary business entity has not yet developed a clear organizational structure, so at the registration step, the user must independently indicate to whom this request is directed.

Fig. 2. The form view of the vacation requests registration


On the screenshot above, you can see that the user submits the request for themselves and indicate Borys Szyc as an acceptor. After submitting the request, the user have noticed that Borys Szyc has not been their supervisor for some time. However, at this moment the task has already went to the wrong manager:

Fig. 3. The incorrect task assignment


The user reported their mistake to the business administrator with a request to cancel it from the workflow.

The “Finish all users’ tasks” option in the administration mode

To finish the user’s task, enter the administration mode from the administrator account level and select the “Finish all users’ task” option from the drop-down menu.

Fig. 4. The “Finish all users’ tasks” option in the administration mode


If the task has been finished, you will see the change of the icon by the user data currently assigned to the task:

Fig. 5. Change the icon


After completing the user’s task, the administrator can already follow the path and move the workflow to the next step. In this case, the administrator directs the instance to the “Rejected” step and the user who has made the mistake, register a new request.

Fig. 6. The “Rejected” step


Important! This action finishes tasks for all users assigned to a given step, regardless of their number.

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