TIP: Easy Designer Studio switch


applies to: version: 8.x.x; author: Lukasz Wrobel

A quick tip you might find particularly useful.

If you need to connect your Designer Studio to many different WEBCON BPS configuration databases (environments) from a single machine (scenario where your Studio is installed on your laptop or PC, and you connect to different SharePoint sites in order to switch between TEST and PROD environments), it is quite easy to make your life easier.

When creating a shortcut to Studio use the ‘-URL’ switch in a target field. The entry might look like:


„C:\Program Files (x86)\WEBCON\WEBCON BPS Designer Studio\WEBCON Designer Studio.exe” -URL https://intranet.firma.pl/witryna_BPS


Moreover, somebody has once invented the feature allowing you to choose an icon of created shortcut, and I would definitely make use of that. It may not sound like a killer feature and it surely isn’t one, but still it allows you to easily recognize which Studio you’re currently using just by taking a look on the taskbar. By the way, once the shortcut is ready you may also want to pin it to the taskbar. As each shortcut (leading to each of your environments) has different URL parameter and icon, they will not be grouped together in the taskbar area.

This simple tip lets you open more than one Designer Studio at once, allowing to easily switch between TEST and PROD, or whatever other environments you might have.

The last tip is – consider changing the theme of your Designer Studio. You’ll instantly know which environment you’re currently applying changes to.

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