Usage of calculated columns

Applies to version 8.0.x; author: Anna Pilch



Calculated columns allow to display additional information about documents on BPS Show WorkFlow Elements.


Example of usage:

The following example demonstrates how to add a Status column to the report of active tasks assigned to the user. This column will help to specify the priority of assigned tasks.

The example will be presented on documents from Incoming correspondence workflow that are in the step: Waiting for a response. Assuming that for each document Receipt date has been defined.


To add a calculated column – edit the selected report (BPS Show WorkFlow Elements) and enter the advanced configuration by clicking the Configuration button.


In section Data presentation and searching click the button: “Add calculated column” below the list of fields.



The calculated column configuration window will be opened.


In the field Name enter: Status. The Expression area is used to enter the SQL query that will return required values.  In this example three types of status will be created:

  • Normal – for documents received less than 11 days ago.
  • Urgent – for documents received more than 11 days ago but not exceeding the period of 14 days.
  • Time limit exceeded – the documents that have been received more than two weeks ago.

In an exemplary process, the field: Receipt date is stored in the field: WFD_AttDateTime1. Given the established conditions enter the following expression:


case  when  getdate() – WFD_AttDateTime1 > 14 then ‘ Time limit exceeded’

when getdate() – WFD_AttDateTime1 >11 then  ‘Urgent’

else  ‘Normal’


The last thing you need to specify is the Type of the column. For the entered expression you should select Text. In order to validate the created column, click the Save in the Configuration calculated column dialog, and then select: “Save and return” button  in the top menu.


After saving the configuration the additional column that shows present status for each document  will be displayed on the report.


The created column enables to quickly find the most urgent task. It is also possible to determine the status of the document on the report with the appropriate color. For this purpose, a different type of calculated column should be used.

Type Indicator allows for inserting lights icons in one of three colors (green, yellow, red) in each row.  The color of an icon depends on the condition entered in the Expression field.

In order to modify the Status column: re-enter the Configuration of the report and click the Edit button in the row in which created calculated column is displayed.


Then modify the Expression and change the type to Indicator.


Again, save the Configuration calculated column and select SAVE AND RETURN in the top menu. The use of the document graphical status display allows you to quickly visualize the overall status of tasks in a given workflow.


Calculated columns allow to add dedicated fields indicating the status / priority of the tasks in workflow to each report. In addition, it is possible to add a column with calculated value or date. For example, in the considered report, it is possible to enter a column: Deadline for response instead of Status, just by adding 14 days to the Date of receipt. The main advantage of calculated columns is the ability to add additional information in each report without interfering in workflows.


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