WEBCON BPS 2015 – brand new mobile application

applies: version 8.2.x; author: Przemyslaw Sierant

WEBCON BPS 2015 – mobile apps

With the release of version 8.2 of WEBCON BPS system, the mobile application WEBCON BPS 2015 has been provided so that every user can manage document workflows from their smartphone or tablet.  The application has been released for three platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


System requirements

The mobile application runs properly on all three platforms. The only limitation is the software of the device concerned and the version of WEBCON BPS. To run smoothly, the application requires the following software version:

  • Android: 4.2.2 or later;
  • iOS: 8.0 or later;
  • Windows Phone: 8 or later;
  • WEBCON BPS version 8.2 or later.

Note! The application requires a fixed Internet link.


To install WEBCON BPS 2015, enter Sklep Play (for Android), Appstore (for iOS), Windows Store (for Windows Phone) on your device and search for WEBCON, and then select and install the application “WEBCON BPS 2015”. The application will download and install automatically on your device, so you can use it freely in a short while.


Trial version

After fresh installation, Tom Green user account it available to test the application. This user can start new document workflows, view current tasks, go through them through a specific path, view subordinates’ tasks and search the archive of all tasks available. With the test account you can easily get familiar with the application and basic workflows prepared specially for such exercise.


WEBCON BPS configuration

Correct configuration in WEBCON BPS software is required for the application WEBCON BPS 2015 to run properly and display all the processes needed.

  • Process configuration

For the processes to be visible in the mobile application, check the “Mobile available” option (it is checked as a default in newly created processes) in the “Additional rights” panel. Uncheck this option to switch off the display of selected processes in the mobile application.


  • Mobile view tab

The “Mobile view” tab is available in every process settings. You can configure how the data in individual elements is displayed (in the selected process element list view).


Mobile application

  • Logging in for the first time

When running the application for the first time, the default Tom Green user profile is displayed with all necessary details filled in, to allow you to log in and test the application. (see the “Trial version” section)


  • Adding a new profile

A new profile can be added by editing the data displayed (in the default user account) or after accepting the selected profile, you can press the three dots icon to move to the selection of profiles available, and then press the “Add profile” button.


Once all data is filled in and acknowledged, the logon screen will be displayed to log in to the new profile.

  • Home page

You can view all processes visible from the mobile device level on the home page. Those processes are grouped and each group can be freely expanded and collapsed. You can move to the selected process element list view and select tasks assigned to the user defined in a profile, DW tasks of the user and the tasks of his or her subordinates.


  • Element view

In the element view, all elements of a specific process  which the user can access are displayed. These elements can be filtered in a ascending and descending order by: Id, Modified date and Person assigned. The results displayed can also be limited to: New elements, flagged elements, postponed or overdue elements.


  • Element menu

From the element view level, it is possible to postpone, delegate and flag every task. Swipe your finger on the element from the right to the left of the screen to display the options.


With the “more” button, you can use the “Fast tracks”, so that the specific element can be moved to the following step through the predefined path, without the need to enter this element. To enable this option for a given process, in the BPS Designer Studio, select the path in a given step and check the “Available as fast track” option in its configuration in the document workflow options.


To use the fast tracks in practice, in the element list, select the component to be moved to the next step, expand the right-hand menu and click “more”.


A screen with available paths will then be displayed in which you can select the specific path.


  • Elements

On entering an element, a form and all attributes configured in it are displayed. You can flag the element, add new attachments (by taking a photo, recording or voice note) and pass through the predefined paths. Every element has two areas with additional details available, hidden on the left and right side of the screen. Swipe your finger on the phone screen from the left to the right to access them (“Details” menu) and from the right to the left (“Buttons and actions” menu).


Note! The subelements in the mobile application can be displayed only in the read-only mode and cannot be edited. This option will be available in the following releases of the application.

  • Favourites

While entering any list of elements (or SWE), such view can be added to “Favourites” to quickly return to this view at any time from any point of the application. To add an element to favourites, press the menu button in the top right corner of the screen and then press “Add to favourites”.


The view added can then be found in the main menu under the “Favourites” button, where the list of all bookmarks is available.

If a view is added as favourite, the heart icon will be coloured red and this button will change its name to “Remove from favourites”, so you can remove the view concerned from favourites. It is also possible to remove the selected favourite view from the main menu. To remove a view, press and hold the element selected and the extra removal option will pop up.


  • Applications

With proper configuration of the “Start Workflow” and “Show Workflow Elements” webparts in our website, you can start new workflows in our mobile application and display configured elements with SWE.

  • Start Workflow (tiles) configuration

To start document workflows from the mobile application, you must have the “Start Workflow” webpart configured properly. Check the “Visible in mobile device” option in the webpart configuration.


Another step required is to set the “Tiles” view, add at least one tile and configure it properly so that it start the process defined.


Starting processes through the mobile application is possible after choosing the process configured in the main menu under the “applications” button.


In the process selected, preconfigured tiles are available which can be viewed on the bar above the SWE views.


  • SWE configuration vs. application view

While configuring the “Start Workflow Elements” webpart, you must check the “Visible in mobile device” option, so that SWE appear in the application view.


The mobile application will keep the columns displayed consistent and the display order will depend on the webpart settings.


  • Searching

Elements in the mobile application can be searched with the “Search” function available in the main menu.


You can search manually, by selecting the process, document type, workflow and the specific step. You can also search by adding a proper signature, attribute value or element ID. You can go back to the initial screen at any time during searching by pressing the “Back” button in the top right corner of the screen.

  • Settings

In the settings area, you can manage your account, rename it, set is as a default profile in a given device, change connections settings, set a different application language, add PIN and set the SSL certificate verification.


In addition to that, only in the iOS platform, the “push” setting, adding alerts for processes and setting of the alert refreshing options is possible.

  • Help

The help provides the necessary documentation related to the mobile application.

  • Event log

In the event log all critical application messages are stored. All necessary information will be available there in case of any error or malfunction.


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