WEBCON BPS add-in for MS Word

Applies to version: 2020.1.x and above; author: Franciszek Sakławski



The ability of generating printouts is one of the functionalities in WEBCON BPS (e.g. car reservation, order or shopping list) – thanks to the MS Word add-in. This article describes how to Install the add-in.


To install the add-in, go to the WEBCON BPS Portal, click on your profile icon and then, click the “Install MS Office add-ins” -> “Word” option.

Fig. 1. WEBCON BPS Portal


The system will start the process of installation. After successful installation, the add-in will be visible on the ribbon at the top of MS Word.

Fig. 2. MS Word with WEBCON BPS add-in


Business case

A simple printout of car reservation has been created. There is an instance in the system storing information about data of the reserved car and registration.

Fig. 3. The Car reservation form


Next go to the WEBCON BPS tab in MS Word and click the “User settings” button to connect with the Portal.

Fig. 4. WEBCOB BPS add-in for MS Word


The Portal login window will appear on the screen – enter the portal address and then, click the “Connect” button. The system will ask you for your login and password.

Fig. 5. The Portal login window


After connecting with the Portal click the “File Generation Templates” button.

Fig. 6. The “File Generation Templates” option


On the right there is a menu in which you must indicate the application, process and document type from which the data for printing will be loaded.

Fig. 7. The selecting process window


The next step is to create the printout.

Fig. 8. The printout template


To add the fields to the printout – just drag them or double-click with the cursor in the place where you want to insert them. The printout looks like this:

Fig. 9. The printout template with completed fields


In the process of car reservation, a button was defined which generates the printout and was related with the document templates process. More information about the method of storing documents can be found at https://howto.webcon.com/storage-methods-of-document-templates/ .

In the button configuration the link to the instance storing the template has been added:

Fig. 10. The configuration of generating the printout


Let’s go to the instance and try to generate the printout.

Fig. 11. The car reservation form


After clicking the button, the printout should be added in the Attachments section of a given instance.


Fig. 12. The car reservation instance with the attachment


To check if the data was correctly entered, open the MS Word file by clicking the attachment icon from the form level. On the preview you will be able to verify the correctness of the generated information.

Fig. 13. The generated printout


The MS Word add-in to the WEBCON BPS gives you a lot of abilities to create printouts. You can easily create a printout and implement them for your business needs.

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