WEBCON BPS in Office365

applies to 8.2.x; author: Paweł Jawień

IMPORTANT! WEBCON BPS 2019 introduced a brand new system integration mechanism with the Office 365 platform. This article is viable only for WEBCON BPS versions 8.2 through 2017.

With the release of version 8.2, WEBCON BPS offers the ability to integrate with Office 365. This new functionality opens up the possibility of adding custom Web Parts to an Office 365 site. They are:

  • BPS Authentication
  • BPS My Inbox – Active Tasks
  • BPS Show Workflow elements – Reports
  • BPS Start Workflow – Starting processes


WEBCON BPS cannot operate independently in Office 365, it is not possible to install the application in this environment. This concept hinges on a hybrid installation – an instance of WEBCON BPS “on premises” with defined SharePoint sites and Web Parts, and a separate instance of Office 365 with custom Web Parts connecting to the “on premises” section.


Installation and configuration

Before there can be any talk of installing WEBCON BPS in Office 365, we must first synchronize the environment in Office 365 and configure SSO authentication as described here.


In order to add web apps to the SharePoint 365 site, it is necessary to create and activate a site whose sole purpose is to serve as storage for the apps. A detailed description can be found here:


This site functions as a storage for apps which will be available to the Office 365 users.

Installing WEBCON BPS components for Office 365 is possible from the WEBCON Business Process Suite Installer. The Installer features a new option “Manage WEBCON Business Process Suite for SharePoint Online” which is used for installing WEBCON BPS components for Office 365. If the components are already installed, the installer can be used to update them.



Clicking through the installation mode choice will take you to the SharePoint Online connection screen, fill out the information on this page:


Address: This is the SharePoint 365 site, where users will have access to apps.

User credentials: The login and password of a user with the necessary privileges to insert applications in Office 365.

Local site address: Provide the address of the “on premises” instance of SharePoint to which WEBCON BPS components will refer to from Office 365.


If correctly installed, a WEBCON BPS app will appear in the SharePoint 365 apps catalogue:



After installing the WEBCON app in the Office 365 instance, the site should be prepared for its users. Navigate to the user site, click the Settings (cogwheel) menu – Add an app



Next go to the Your applications – from your organization section…


…and add the “WEBCON app for SharePoint Online”

It is now possible to insert Web Parts on the user’s site.



Web Parts inserted into the SharePoint 365 site are direct counterparts to the Web Parts placed in the “on-premises” instance of SharePoint. They are connected by a custom link/ID available to each Web Part on the “on-premises” site.

The ID/link is entered Into the “on-premises” Web Part configuration screen, like so:


This ID should then be copied to the Office 365 Web Part configuration, into the “Source Web Part ID” field (WEBCON BPS section at the bottom).



Save this configuration and the Web Part is ready to go.


Apart from „functional” Web Parts, it is also necessary to include a Web Part that will automatically authenticate the user for the WEBCON BPS system. When first entering the site, the users must authenticate themselves by clicking the authentication Web Part.

2 thoughts to “WEBCON BPS in Office365”

  1. Greetings I tried to connect webparts from sharepoint online site to the webcon BPS site webpart, but I was not successful.
    The webpart oh the type ShowWorkflowElements named ‘Webcon BPS All active elements’ on sharepoint online page says
    “Unexpected error has occurred. Check webpart configuration.” and nothing more.
    When I click on the webpart name, it goes right to the webcon site on onpremise.
    This webpart has configured Host web part ID to https://webconsite.domain/BPS?webPartGuid=g_2029c793_6afe_4da4_93fb_f04d1fb1af23. This is webpart ID on Webcon site page.
    I tried to set only the ID g_2029c793_6afe_4da4_93fb_f04d1fb1af23, but the unexpected error alert is the same.
    Of course I was authenticated to the webcon site on sharepoint 2013.
    Should I something configure on the host webpart ?

    We use sharepoint 2013 foundation and Webcon BPS Enterprise 2017.1.1.127, TEST environment.
    The Webcon site alone works ok.

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