WEBCON BPS latest version

We have moved! 

Information on the latest WEBCON BPS version (and older versions) can be found under Platform center on our new community page.

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Links to individual pages of the platform center for each supported version can be found below.


The WEBCON team works tirelessly to improve the WEBCON BPS platform.

We constantly strive to fix any errors and make sure that our system always functions as intended.

Twice a year, we publish a so-called ‘big’ version which introduces a multitude of new features. Additionally, updated builds are released at least once a month, they aim to resolve any existing issues and implement small changes. These small changes can be tracked via our changelog (available at the bottom of this page), which compiles a list of all modifications made to a ‘big’ version over its lifecycle.

Our latest ‘big’ version is 2020.1 [Whitepaper – Business overview]

Important: Before upgrading from one complete version to another (eg from 2019 to 2020 or from 2017 to 2020) check if you have the appropriate license for the WEBCON BPS version. We recommend that you activate the required license BEFORE upgrading the WEBCON BPS system.

Latest version


Link to Community platform center for version 2020 

Older versions


Link to Community platform center for version 2019