Workflow initiation via URL


Applies to version: 8.x.x; author: Michal Rykiert


By default, workflows in WEBCON BPS are started by StartWorkflow webpart which in SharePoint 2013 has a form of a tile. However, in some cases it may be useful to have an alternative method of starting a workflow. The system allows to do it via simple URL address. Such capability can be used e.g. for less tech-savvy employees who wish to have a shortcut to their most commonly used processes placed on a desktop.
Start workflow tile


Creation of such shortcut is a piece of cake. To do so, you need to have StartWorkflow webpart already configured. If you don’t know how to do it, please check our hands on labs. Once you start a workflow, just copy a URL and create a new shortcut on your desktop (right click > New > Shortcut).

In address field enter URL you have copied. Then click next, give the shortcut a name and you’re done. Clicking the shortcut will open a browser window with new workflow element initiated.


Initation of new workflow with preconfigured parameteres

Since values of form fields in WEBCON BPS are also passed by URL, it is possible to initiate a new workflow with pre-configured default values. Such option can be useful for those employees who keep repeting entry of the same data when workflow is initiated (e.g. an employee responsible for purchasing hardware will be always choosing hardware as category).

It is also an alternative to setting default values of fields defined in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio. Using URL parameters gives more flexibility since different employees can have different preferences for default values.

To set it up, first go to Designer Studio and check what are the database names of fields for which you want to define a parameter. E.g. Single line of text field may be named in database as WFD_AttText1. For the purpose of setting a parameter, you only need a part after „WFD_”.


Then go to the configuration of StartWorkflow webpart. Enter the parameter in field: „Additional URL parameters”. Each parameter consist of „&”, field name, „=” and desired value. E.g. &AttText1=Start parameter.


Once you enter a parameter, save the configuration and check the results.

You can also combine several parameters, like:
&AttText1=Start Parameter&AttChoose1=Hardware


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  1. Hello,

    this goes for static, predefined parameters. I want to pass a form field value (from “Start workflow manually”), so that called workflow could get documentID value of a caller) as a named parameter?

    How can such parameter be “accepted”?

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